Salon owner reacts to new COVID-19 guidelines

Sherri Belanger, owner of a local hair salon in La Jolla, Belle Sirene had to shut her doors once again due to new Covid-19 guidelines. Sherri Belanger and her staff had been working hard to make sure every person who enters the salon is in safe, sanitized conditions.

Belanger says she had gone over the top to follow all the guidelines only to be told by Gavin Newsom that it wasn’t enough. She and her staff  sanitized after every client, had regular temperature checks, required everyone to wear a mask, and limited how many people were allowed in the salon as some stations had been removed to keep 6-feet social distance.

Belle Sirene is in the heart of La Jolla which means, moving the business outdoors isn’t practical. Belle Sirene is located next to a Jersey Mikes and across the street from another restaurant. Belanger says, “My staff and my clients are safer indoors. I can’t manage people walking by us on the streets not wearing a mask or even have hair flying in the wind over to the restaurants. It’s not practical and I need to be inside.”

Sherri Belanger will keep her salon closed until Gavin Newsom allows them to operate indoors again.



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