Salvation Army gives out Thanksgiving meals

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – For 31 years the Salvation Army has been welcoming all who need a place to be on Thanksgiving day.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, his family and 350 volunteers sat and served anybody, and everybody who wanted, or needed a meal.

In the past years, the 2,000 chairs were filled on Thanksgiving day, but in the past few years, that number has been going down.

The need is still there, however, and Mayor Faulconer is thankful for what the Salvation Army does for the needy, and for the city.

“I’m down here with my family at the Salvation Army. Families who need a little bit of extra help, extra hand the Salvation Army does every year,” said the Mayor.

In past years, nearly everybody who came here was needy, but more and more families are coming here, making it part of their tradition.

For the Rudy Cecina family, the tradition began 30-years-ago.

“She said she loves the music, the vibes, the people. It’s really nice. The service, it’s just beautiful,” said Rudy.

Both the Rudy Cecina, and Raymond Frias had 15 family members who attended Thursday.

“Every year we come here, and it’s our tradition to come here. I come in to say thank you to everybody,” said Rudy.

Golden Hall was only half-full on Thanksgiving day, but hunger in San Diego still a problem, and has been since government programs were cut back in the 1980’s.

Over 1,000 meals were served Thursday. Over 800 pounds of turkey, 500 pounds of dressing, 200 slices of pumpkin pie, and 400 pounds of mashed potatoes.

Nobody left hungry.

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