Salvation Army’s food pantry in El Cajon running short on supplies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The doors were not open yet, but the lines on Thursday were already forming in front of the Salvation Army in El Cajon where people had come for the food pantry.

This summer, food supplies have tumbled to a dismal low. Although the Salvation Army distributes food to about 400 people a week, the non-profit is struggling to stock its shelves.

After the Salvation Army’s annual food drive in May, the organization had collected only a meager 20% of what it usually receives in donations.

Typically, the Salvation Army brings in 65,000 pounds of food.

This spring, it collected only 12,000. Corps administrator Captain Bonita Kelsey said she’s not sure why the donations this year came up short, but she’s concerned that current supplies are running so low.

She estimated that the pantry has no more than about 3-4 weeks of food on hand.

The pantry is a resource for many different kinds of people. Salvation Army employee Richard Manning said he sees veterans, seniors, refugees and many families.

During the summer, when school is out, some families face additional pressures to feed their children who are not receiving meals at school.

If you would like to donate to the pantry in El Cajon, you can bring food donations to the office at 1011 East Main Street.

Donors can also contact the office by calling 619-440-4683.

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