San Clemente city officials fill skatepark with 37 tons of sand to prevent skaters from using it

SAN CLEMENTE (KUSI) – Beaches, parks, hiking trails and almost all outdoor physical activities have been closed due COVID-19. Now, city officials have taken extreme measure in making sure skateboarders obey the stay-at-home order. Officials tried to fence off the skatepark to prevent skaters from skateboarding and after a few weeks they noticed the “no trespassing” signs were being ignored.

The San Clemente City Officials got an idea from other cities, to dump 37-tons of sand into the park with hopes of discouraging the skaters from skateboarding. However, the skating community is unhappy about the situation.

KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon spoke with two San Clemente natives about their thoughts on the matter. Steve Haring says, “We’ve been coming here for fifteen years and now the city officials have taken the one thing we love to do, away. This is our home and this is where we exercise. We’re able to social distance while also seeing our friends.”

City officials say, there was no cost in putting the sand there and there will be no cost to remove it. The sand has not been affective for most skaters. However, the skateboarding community and now dirt bike riders have been transforming the park into their very own. Skaters and dirt bikers have been shoveling and sweeping the sand so skaters can skate and dirt bikers can hit the jumps.

We spoke with Connor Ericsson (IG: Buttery_films) and he went into detail about the issue. Ericsson says, “It’s a big joke”.

KUSI will stay on this story and provide an update on the San Clemente City Officials and what they plan to do moving forward.

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