San Diegans brace for sticker shock at the pumps Wednesday

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — November 1 is D-Day at the gas pumps. It is the day the Governor-led, 12 cents per gallon gas tax hike goes into effect in California.

There is no question California’s roads and infrastructure are in need of repair, but the debate includes how to fund the billions needed.

Some ask the question why can’t Sacramento find the money from the taxes Californians already pay, including from the already-high cost at the pump. But Gov. Jerry Brown says the backlog is too huge.

Wednesday, gasoline prices will go up 12 cents per gallon — 20 cents per gallon for diesel. The increase occurs at the same time California is changing over to the winter blend of fuel, when gas prices typically decrease.

“It stinks — passed without anybody saying anything,” Terri Ryan said. “Aren’t we already paying too much? We didn’t have a chance to vote on it.”

“We should have a say and we should revisit sometime soon hopefully,” Darren Taplin said. “I’m also hoping somebody takes a second look because I also heard money isn’t going where they say it’s going.”

Upset California drivers have an ally in state Assemblymember Travis Allen, who is running for governor and leading an initiative to get the tax repealed.

“Less than 70 cents on the dollar, less than 70 percent will go to our roads, and of that most for mass transit and bike lanes, not a penny for new roads so if you don’t like it now, tomorrow you’ll like it even less when you are paying even more money for it,” Allen said on Good Morning San Diego Tuesday.

The initiative won’t take effect anytime soon though. The gas tax will be in effect until at least January 2019. 

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