San Diegans find community this Thanksgiving

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — This week many San Diego County charities and community groups will devote their time to bringing a Thanksgiving dinner to those in need.

The lines are just as long and the need is just as great. “We’re giving out turkey, we’re showing a lot of love.”

This is the time of year when civic leaders, churches, community groups and neighbors team up to show their compassion for those who are less fortunate.

In Chula Vista two hundred fresh turkeys were being given away.

There were boxes of turkeys going into the trucks and vans of other charities, which will later be delivered to hungry families and those in need.

Alex Zaydenberg owns a laundromat in Lincoln park. Just last week, he came up with the idea of buying and handing out hundreds of free turkeys. Other businesses next to the laundromat also pitched in.

A non-profit group that provides mental health services was handing out gift cards.

At Jerry Riggin’s barber college, people could get a free shave and haircut.

“Thanksgiving is the time we can come together.”

After an especially difficult year, when fear, anger and distrust divided many Americans Thanksgiving may be that reminder that we desperately need a time out.

Vivian Kitka came to claim a free turkey for her family and then decided to give the turkey away to another person in line.

She says the answer to hate and  intolerance is looking for the good in one another.

And that is why Americans need this thanksgiving — not only to taste the food on the holiday plate but also, to fill the deep hunger for community.

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