San Diegans react to FBI recommendations on Clinton emails

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The political pundits are already having a field day, but what do average voters think of the FBI’s conclusions?

Most of the people KUSI’s Sasha Foo spoke with said they had faith that the FBI conducted a thorough and complete investigation, but that doesn’t mean they agree with the conclusions that were offered Tuesday.

The FBI probe of Hillary Clinton’s private email server may be over now, at least officially, but in all likelihood, it will continue to follow her on the campaign trail.

Ray Bowman, a truck driver who lives in San Diego’s Oak Park neighborhood, said the FBI may have cleared Clinton of criminal conduct, but FBI Director James Comey did not let her off the hook entirely.

Comey approached then Secretary Clinton and her state department staff for being extremely careless in how they handled "classified" information.

David Richardson, who works in the accounting field, said in his opinion, those lapses are inexcusable. 

Delayne Beamer said that for undecided votes, the FBI report could give the Clinton campaign a boost.

John Courtney, who’s been following the email flap, said it’s time for politicians and the public to focus on something else.

Others said the FBI recommendations aren’t likely to have much affect.

But Darrell Henderson, retired from a career in Federal Law Enforcement said the email investigation does matter.

Although the FBI found no explicit criminal misconduct, the idea of carelessness did seem to bother a lot of people.

Suggesting that these questions about Clinton’s private email server may move to a back burner, but they’re not about to simply disappear.

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