San Diegans weigh impact of more airstrikes in Syria and Iraq

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Recent opinion polls show that more Americans want the United States to take a strong military stand to defeat extremist group ISIS.

But the lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan also loom large, and a lot of San Diegans have reservations about whether the campaign to vanquish ISIS will work.

President Obama outlined a plan on Wednesday night to defeat the terrorist group ISIS, and it was accompanied by more U.S. airstrikes.

SDSU Professor Shawn VanDiver sees the defeat of ISIS as an imperative. 

“Isolation is not going to work,” he says. 

VanDiver is a former Iraq Veteran who says the U.S. must rely on other countries for President Obama’s military strategy to succeed.

Dr. Wael Al-Delaimy who teaches at UCSD says more force could stop ISIS in Syria, but in the country where he was born, Iraq, the situation is far more complex.

He says as long as the Iraq Government favors one sect over another, ISIS will keep growing.

Taha Hassane from the Islamic Center of San Diego is also fearful that any civilian deaths from bombings may lead to more support for the terrorists.

From previous engagements, there is no easy, simple fix at hand, and that is the sobering reality in an unsettling time.

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