San Diego Air & Space Museum will defy state orders and remain open

UPDATE 11/11/20: The San Diego Air and Space Museum has announced that they have decided to close in accordance with the state orders under the Purple Tier.

San Diego Air and Space Museum CEO Jim Kidrick discussed the decision on KUSI News Wednesday evening.

Original Story:

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Nonessential San Diego County businesses have three days to prepare for California’s purple tier, county health officials announced Tuesday after state data officially landed the region in the most restrictive tier of the COVID-19 reopening plan.

Dr. Wilma Wooten, the county’s public health officer, said the restrictions associated with that tier will go into place just after midnight Friday. “These are the results of our individual actions and behaviors that assign us to a tier,” she said.

Many nonessential businesses will be required to move to outdoor-only operations. These include restaurants, family entertainment centers, wineries, places of worship, movie theaters, museums, gyms, zoos and aquariums and cardrooms. Amusement parks, and live audience sporting events are closed. Bars, breweries and distilleries will be able to remain open as long as they are able to operate outside and with food on the same ticket as alcohol. Retail businesses and shopping centers will be able to remain open with 25% of the building’s capacity. No food courts will be permitted.

Under Purple Tier restrictions museums like the San Diego Air & Space Museum are supposed to close, but CEO Jim Kidrick says he will defy the orders and stay open.

Kidrick explained, “it’s now beyond logic, it’s now beyond common sense, and once again, this is no longer just about science and data. It’s about something else and it’s very, very unfortunate, as we close ourselves down, we now risk the security of our families. This is about jobs, it’s about life for all of them.”

Kidrick continued to slam the orders from the State of California saying, “I think we have totally destroyed the definition of essential. If you can go to Harbor Freight Tools and buy tools, you can come here and help your child, or your grandchild, be educated, and learn because education is one of our primary missions, and we do it everyday.”

KUSI’s Dan Plante’s full interview with Jim Kidrick is above.

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