San Diego Airport gets $18 million federal grant to reduce noise in nearby homes

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With sound insulating windows and doors, homeowners can finally shut out the sounds of big jets flying in and out of San Diego International Airport.

That’s the goal of the “Quieter Home” program, which just received an award of $18 million from the Department of Transportation to help residents reduce aircraft sound in their homes.

The grant is the largest in the program’s nearly 20 year history.

Brendan Reed who administers the Quieter Home program for the San Diego County Airport Authority said residences affected by aircraft noise will get new sound insulated windows, doors, and air conditioning and air ventilation systems.

With the new federal funding, the Airport Authority will be able to retrofit about 200 to 400 homes in the next year.

The cost to the Airport Authority is considerable, ranging from $10,000 to $30,000 for each home. Retrofitting larger or historic homes can exceed $100,000.

To qualify, homes must register indoor sound at 45 decibels or more. The doors, windows and other noise buffering improvements are free and installed at no cost.

For the very first time, the program will expand to include non-residential properties like churches and schools.

To find out more about “Quieter Home,” go to www.San.Org/airport-noise

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