San Diego awarded grant for tire waste management

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — The State Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery gave San Diego and 35 other cities grants Tuesday for the safe management of waste and used tires.

San Diego received $203,713 in grant money that is typically used to offset the cost of inspections of tire storage facilities and enforcement activities to prevent illegal dumping, according to CalRecycle. Funds can also be used for surveillance equipment and employee training.

“These grants ensure cities and counties have the means to enforce state laws that keep local residents and their environment safe,” CalRecycle Director Scott Smithline said. “Both illegal dumping and improper storage of waste and used tires create a host of problems for people and businesses, from visual blight to significant health hazards.”

According to CalRecycle, illegally dumped tires provide breeding habitats for disease-carrying mosquitos, and could result in long-burning fires that release toxins into the air, water and soil.

Grants were awarded based on the prevalence of illegal waste tire dump sites, the number of inspections completed, enforcement actions and surveillance activities conducted in previous grant cycles.  

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