San Diego baseball Team USA plans to run the summer

 The World Baseball Classic is the nation’s time to see Team USA, but it’s not the only time you could see ol’ glory do battle in the Pacific Rim.

“Each summer we go to a different country or location, this year it’s Hawaii,” said head coach Mark Wilson of boys’ Team San Diego of International World Baseball.

“We have 18-20 kids, so they all get an opportunity to get into the game,” said founder Al Alvarado. “You know, we like to win – everybody likes to win. And certainly, we have won the tournaments multiple times.”

“Baseball is just like an excuse for this experience,” continued Wilson. “They’re going to make friends with kids from other countries and they’re going to be friends forever.”

The team has had plenty of dynamic duos over the years – Ryan and Sean O’Sullivan, Edgar and Adrian Gonzalez, Ryan and Marcus Giles. The U.S. team is very special for two very important reasons: it’s the only U.S. team that has a set of brothers, Riley and Ryan Baranowski.

“You kind of want to act like family on the baseball field, it’s really easier when you are family,” stated Riley.

“And you got to be a family, and it’s a lot easier when it’s somebody from your own family on that team,” said Ryan.

“This is actually the first set of brothers that we’ve had on the team at the same time. We heard about Ryan and went down, watched him play in high school game and still had an open spot. I heard about his brother…,” explained Wilson.

“I kind of wanted a partner to go out there because it just kind of feels alone flying out to Hawaii. We get to go out there and share our experience, kind of like our stories and stuff. With the other countries, they share yours,” said Riley.

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