San Diego businessman gives away fifteen thousand free face masks

MIDDLETOWN (KUSI) – Local businessman and community leader, Sam Nejabat established a “mask hub” to donate 15,000 masks for San Diegans. 

In the midst of a county-wide mask shortage, Nejabat has acquired over 15,000 three-layered FDA approved masks. 3 masks will be provided to each person who attends the hub.  The masks were distributed at the Shell station located at the following address: 3535 India Street, San Diego, CA 92103

“Last week, I went to 4 stores to find masks for my parents who are physicians on the frontlines of the health crisis,” said Sam Nejabat. “I could not find one mask in our fine city. The masks I identified online were inflated for price and unaffordable to the everyday San Diegan. We should not be forced to choose between our health and our wallets. In a time like this, the tools used to prevent the virus must be available to all. San Diego is in the midst of a mask shortage, and I felt the need to ensure that any San Diegan that needs a mask, gets a mask. I will be providing 15,000 masks throughout the county because our health is not a luxury, it’s a right.”

Nejabat spoke with KUSI’s Ed Lenderman about his efforts to help fix the countywide mask shortage. 

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