San Diego celebrates Arbor Day by planting trees

The City Council unanimously approved the Urban Forestry Program Five Year Plan, on January 24, 2017. The Plan was funded by a CalFire planning grant to develop an urban forest management plan. City staff, along with consulting urban foresters, key stakeholders and the Community Forest Advisory Board have developed the PDF icon Urban Forestry Program Five Year Plan

Urban forest management plans are developed through the collaborative efforts of many people. An important part of developing the plan is understanding the needs and views of various stakeholders and interested parties. Successful plans require public input. The desires, attitudes, and perceptions of stakeholders, including the public, and decision–makers will have a large impact on the urban forest plan.

A vigorous and engaged urban forestry program is critical to meeting San Diego’s commitment to climate change, carbon sequestration, stormwater reduction, and water conservation. With these goals in mind, the City has will develop a long-range urban forest management plan to guide the city’s urban forest into the future.

Urban forests contribute to San Diegans’ quality of life. Trees that are nurtured within an urban environment, such as San Diego, produce benefits that far exceed the cost of planting and care during the trees’ lifetime. Environmental and aesthetic benefits, such as energy savings, stormwater runoff reduction, cleaner air, and higher property values, are consistently many times greater than tree care costs.

Healthy trees mean healthy people. Trees remove many pollutants from the atmosphere, including nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, and particulate matter. Each year, 100 large, mature trees have the potential to:


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