San Diego celebrates National Manufacturing Day

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Friday was National Manufacturing Day. A day when more than 1,600 American manufactures open their doors to inspire a new generation.

San Diego County leaders spent the day highlighting the region’s growing manufacturing base.

With more than 2,900 manufactures spread across the county, manufacturing proves a strong middle-class job base for San Diego.

25 San Diego manufacturing companies opened their doors as part of National Manufacturing Day.

Last year, only 5 companies participated, and much like the event, the industry is growing.

The message of growth was highlighted to kick off Friday’s event.

Mayor Faulconer said, “It’s my job as mayor to make sure we bring that catalyst so more families get these good quality jobs. We’re letting people know that San Diego is back.”

From January to April of this year, manufacturing grew at a steady pace, adding 1,400 jobs.

While the industry only represent 8.7% of jobs throughout the county, it accounts for nearly 12.2% of the region’s wages.

Diane Law who works with D&K Engineering in San Diego, said, “San Diego is great place to do business. We really like the talent here.”

Law’s company designs and builds products for other companies to bring to market.

“Surprising a lot of our engineering staff has over 20-30 years experience. We have 125 engineers and staff here in San Diego, and currently looking for more right now,” said Diane.

D&K is not the only manufacturing company growing.

Taylor Guitars in El Cajon is one of the guitar world’s leading manufacturers, with over 700 employees, and producing hundreds of guitars per day using state of the art technology.

“Manufacturing Day allows these companies to open their doors and show the local community what’s going on. It also shows students what engineering jobs are available that they probably had no idea,” said Law.

Inspiring a new generation of manufacturers and engineers to help lead the industry’s growth.

While the manufacturing industry is showing growth and the salaries are still above the area’s income, the actual number of jobs is still below where we were in 2007.

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