San Diego City Council approves Climate Action Plan

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego City Council has approved a sweeping ‘climate plan’ to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by more than half over the next 20-years.

It’s an ambitious goal that may be difficult to achieve even though it has broad support.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer outlined the plan at a news conference prior to the council session where passage was virtually assured. “This plan ensures that San Diego stays on track to meet the states target to significantly reduce green house gases by 2050,” Faulconer said.

And it does it 15 years earlier, by 2035.

Here are a few broad elements of the plan:

  • It reduces our carbon footprint by half.
  • It mandates 100% renewable energy, citywide.
  • It predicts half of residents living near transit will use transit or walk or bike to commute.

The plan would also divert 90 percent of solid waste from our landfills and convert the city’s vehicle fleet to be electric or gas powered.

The plan also protects the environment and is business friendly.

The city is moving to an era of clean technology but the move will not be without problems.
Homeowners will have to disclose the amount of energy they use when they sell their home. The realtors association opposed this fearing, at some point, homeowners may have to upgrade energy efficiencies before they can sell.

Many of the plan elements require a separate ordinance to implement and a cost benefit analysis, both of which are ripe for trouble.

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