San Diego City Council votes 5 to 2 in opposition to border wall construction between US and Mexico

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Members of the San Diego City Council, in a 5 to 3 vote Tuesday, confirmed their resolution to oppose the border wall promised by President Trump.

Councilmember Georgette Gomez proposed a resolution opposing construction of a border wall, claiming San Diego’s economy and environment stand to be negatively impacted by Executive Order 13767 and H.R. 1813, the authorization and funding for the construction of another border wall.

 The voting went as follows: 

Councilmember Vote
Myrtle Cole Yes
Barbara Bry Yes
Lori Zapf No
Chris Ward Yes
Mark Kersey No
Chris Cate No
Scott Sherman Absent
David Alvarez Yes
Georgette Gomez Yes

"Trump’s border wall is a bad deal for San Diegans and we must stand united against it. The wall will negatively impact our binational economy and the environment. I urge all San Diegans come out and express their opposition to the wall," said Councilmember Georgette Gómez. 

Several companies are preparing to build prototypes of the wall in San Diego.

"The border wall is a stupid idea,” Councilman David Alvarez said.

"The border can become efficient and safe with investments in infrastructure and technology instead of wasting billions of taxpayer dollars for a wall which will accomplish nothing.”

Before the vote, dozens of residents lined up to speak to city officials. Three members of the public expressed their support for the wall, but most denounced it.

Port of San Diego Vice Chairman Rafael Castellanos was among those against the border barrier and said it was important to stand in solidarity with the immigrant community.

"This is not medieval China. We are not trying to keep out Mongol hordes,” Castellanos said. "This is not a Matt Damon movie, this is a silly federal frolic that may go down in the Guinness World Book of Records as the worst pork-barrel project of all time.”

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