San Diego City leaders’ last push against SoccerCity proposal

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Dozens of local leaders gathered outside City Hall Friday for one last blast against the SoccerCity plan.

They don’t think it’s worth a special election and they don’t think they should approve the first plan to come along.

With three days to go until the final city council vote on SoccerCity, a large coalition of opponents decided to put on a show and sign a pledge to keep on fighting.

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It’s not that they don’t like soccer, they just don’t think it’s so urgent that it needs a special election.

Just weeks after a nasty breakup with the Chargers, SoccerCity moved in and promised a little something for everyone.

They collected a record number of signatures and spent at least $10 million getting their name out.

At this point, SoccerCity is the only plan on the table.

Nick Stone, the project manager for  SoccerCity, is convinced that a no vote on a special election will mean no soccer, since the MLS is supposed to pick their new teams in December.

Then there’s San Diego State, the trolley already connects the campus to the stadium and they have big plans for a big expansion.

They worked with the SoccerCity group until recently. They broke off after reading some of the fine print.

Qualcomm Stadium is the largest piece of taxpayer-owned land in San Diego and right now, those taxpayers are shelling out $12 million a year to maintain an empty shell.

With so many forces at play, Monday’s meeting is shaping up to be one of the biggest showdowns in recent history. 

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