San Diego city services survey

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – So, how do city residents feel about the level of services the city is providing? 

After all, the mayor says he’s in the customer service business.

Core services, such as public safety and libraries scored very high, and to the surprise of no one, the condition of our streets scored very low.

Late last year, the city mailed a survey to 9,000 residents scattered throughout all council districts. The results came back by mail, telephone and online.

Just under 2,500 residents responded, or 28 percent, which the city considered to be a high rate.

Public safety, particularly fire rescue, got the highest rating for satisfaction, 78 percent.

  • Close behind were libraries at 76 percent.
  • Trash collection at 70 percent
  • The least satisfaction, by far, was infrastructure at just 24 percent.

The mayor’s budget has half a billion dollars for neighborhood repairs.

He’s promised a thousand miles of street repairs over the next five years, 300 miles this fiscal year alone.

He said he will push the council to do more, saying there’s room for improvement.

"I will continue to use that as evidence when I’m working with my council colleagues to fund programs that ramp up streets and neighborhood repairs," Mayor Faulconer said.

Given the level of dissatisfaction with street repairs, the overseer of the survey, Almis Udrys, proceeded cautiously.

"It can be a little unnerving to ask our residents for their opinion but Mayor Faulconer and city council have shown strong leadership in reaching out to hear what our residents have to say," Udrys said.

On the overall quality of services provided from previous years, the survey said:

  • 31 percent felt it was better
  • 35 percent said about the same
  • 23 percent said worse

The survey was necessary, according to the mayor, saying we need to know what our residents want us to do.

"Now that we have this data, data we can use to make changes and get even better results, that’s the goal, that’s the objective," Mayor Faulconer said.

Council President Sherri Lightner said the council will do its best to comply with the residents concerns.

"City council and staff will take this information to heard and will do our best to focus our efforts based on the feed back that’s provided by the public," Lightner said.

There was one other service the public was not very happy with, and that’s the effort to address homelessness. Satisfaction there was just 16 percent.

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