San Diego community colleges unite to fill growing labor skills gap

A report released in June by the San Diego-Imperial Center of Excellence for Labor Market Research (COE) found that “middle-skill” jobs, which require more training than a high school diploma but less than a four-year degree, comprise a significant and growing portion of the San Diego labor market—and they are the jobs that employers are struggling to fill. In conjunction with this report, San Diego and Imperial Counties Community Colleges (SDICCC) launched a new effort to prepare their students for these well-paying, in-demand middle-skill careers.

Dr. Cindy L. Miles, Chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College district, visited the studio Monday to talk about the Learn More, Earn More program, which is intended to help fill those middle-skill careers.

In 2017, 38 percent of employment in San Diego County and 36 percent in Imperial County were for middle-skill jobs, and these percentages are projected to grow by 2022, according to the report. Between 2017 and 2022, the San Diego-Imperial COE projects that there will be more than 47,000 job openings per year in the area’s 100 top middle-skill job categories—the vast majority of which are facing a shortage of qualified workers.

The regional marketing campaign features a new, unified brand for Career Education at all ten community colleges, and the programs being highlighted align with in-demand industry sectors, providing students the skills, certificates and degrees needed to land these jobs. The regional campaign targets both high school students and adults who want to gain new skills with a unified message, “Learn More. Earn More.”

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