San Diego community leaders form ‘Fed Up With Fletcher’ PAC to defeat him in 2022

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, a Democrat, was in charge of the local COVID-19 response throughout the pandemic.

Fletcher’s leadership during this time was highly criticized by people of all backgrounds in San Diego County, many telling KUSI that he simply followed Newsom’s orders, and ignored the best interests of the people he was elected to represent.

Fletcher ordered business to shut down, banned people from attending Padres games, and mandated restaurants owners constantly change their operations to abide by his rule in order to continue serving customers.

KUSI News gave countless San Diegans a voice in opposition to the government mandates throughout the pandemic, most of whom blamed Fletcher for having to lay off employees, or even shut down their operation forever.

Now, just over a year from the 2022 election, a group of San Diego community members have come together to form a Political Action Committee (PAC), with the goal of defeating Fletcher in the next election, taking him out of office.

The “Fed Up with Fletcher” PAC was co-founded by Morgan MaGill, Zack Gianino, and Carlos Gutierrez.

The co-founders tell KUSI that according to Fletcher, they are a “coalition of anti-vaxxers, COVID-19 deniers, and extreme right wingers,” who are only after him “simply for believing medical professionals and trusting the science behind vaccinations.”

But in reality, many of the groups supporters are fully vaccinated, and are completely against the government mandating what a person must put in their own body. They also confirmed that many of their group’s members are registered Democrats.

“It is the job of our elected officials to better the lives of their constituents, not implement policies that destroy their livelihoods,” they said.

Overall, the Fed Up with Fletcher PAC does not support Nathan Fletcher’s “destructive and divisive policies.”

The co-founders joined KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego to tell us more about the PAC.

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