San Diego County Basketball Coaches Association 2015 Boys Dunk Contest

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The highlight of Friday’s San Diego County Basketball Coaches Association Senior All Star Game was the dunk contest. About 45 minutes before the Boys All Star game tipped off, the jumpers and bouncers made their way to the floor to showcase their aerial abilities.The dunk contest lineup was made up of five high flyers from all around the CIF San Diego section: DJ Sylvester of Morse, Kris Johnson of Mira Mesa, Justin Young of Eastlake, Ujsari McDonald of Crawford, Eric Pierce of El Camino and Jonathan Mallak of Mt. Carmel.

The first round of dunks saw a lot of flash, flare and creativity. Ujsari McDonald proved that you don’t have to be tall to throw down. McDonalds’ 5’10” height was a vertical sight to see as he floated through the air.

The final match up saw Kris Johnson and Justin Young face off to see who would be crowned slam dunk champion. Both gentleman flew as high as they could, but ultimately, Johnson would win the crowd over.

After the contest, Johnson admitted that, “the first three (dunks) were planned, and the next three were off the top of my head. The last one, my good friend gave me that one at the last minute.”

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