San Diego County Health Officials refuse to say vaccinated people are safe without masks

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County Health Officials held a press conference Tuesday announcing the county’s official move into the ‘Yellow Tier’ of Gavin Newsom’s reopening guidelines, that he will get rid of next week.

Democrat elected officials are touting the move as a success, like Supervisor Nathan Fletcher who called it “remarkable.”

But, Republicans are pointing out the obvious, continuing to explain the rest of the country has reopened months ago and has seen no problems, so why aren’t we lagging so far behind?

Last week, KUSI News asked the county health officials if vaccinated people are safe from those who have not yet been vaccinated?

To our surprise, Dr. Seema Shah avoided the question, and explained that “post vaccination infections are an infected result.”

But, a few weeks earlier, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher told us that vaccinated San Diegans need to continue wearing masks because it’s “a recognition that a lot of people haven’t gotten vaccinated.”

To follow up on their mixed messaging, KUSI asked again. During Tuesday health briefing announcing the official move to the Yellow Tier, KUSI asked, “Are vaccinated San Diegans safe without masks or not?”

But once again, San Diego County screened our question, and refused to have ask it during the public press briefing.

KUSI immediately reached out to the county and asked why they blocked our question, but they ignored our request for comment.

As of Monday, nearly 1.68 million San Diego County residents — almost 60% of residents 12 and older — are fully vaccinated and more than 2.07 million residents have received one of two doses.

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