San Diego County issues Rudford’s Restaurant cease-and-desist order after KUSI interview

NORTH PARK (KUSI) – Monday on Good Evening San Diego, KUSI’s Dan Plante visited Rudford’s Restaurant Diner in North Park.

He spoke with the owner, Nick Kacha, about how tough 2020 was, and about his hopes for 2021 being better.

During the 4:00 PM hour of Good Evening San Diego, Kacha said he wants our local health officials to be more “optimistic about the situation and a little less grim.” Kacha explained that he believes they should focus on the fact that we are doing more testing than ever, and how that can be attributed to the rise in cases, instead of “bringing down the community and making them scared.”

Unfortunately, Kacha’s wishful thinking was quickly taken away by San Diego County Health Officials. Shortly after speaking with KUSI’s Dan Plante live on Good Evening San Diego, Rudford’s Restaurant was delivered a cease-and-desist order by our unelected county health officials.

Here is Kacha’s live interview with KUSI’s Dan Plante during the 6:00PM hour of Good Evening San Diego.

Coronavirus cases have not been traced back to restaurants like Rudford’s Diner, but our health officials like Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and the unelected Dr. Wilma Wooten continue to tell San Diego they are “using science” to guide their policy decisions.

KUSI’s Dan Plante explained, “this time around the science did not point to places where we’re standing right now, yet the place where we are standing right now is continuously getting pummeled, and punished, and beaten, and battered by the government. Starting with the governor, and then trickling down of course to our local politicians who love to shut things down so much. We know who they are.”

KUSI wants to think San Diego County health officials aren’t targeting businesses that speak with us, but this is not the first time the county has issued a cease-and-desist order to a restaurant owner directly after they spoke live on KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego.

Kacha said they, “are abiding by all the rules. We are allowing people to go outside, with a to-go box, at their own will, sit there, eat it, throw away their own trash, and then we go and disinfect the table after they leave. I mean, it’s not any more simple than that. It is absolutely insane.”

Kacha went on to say the county’s effort to make sure restaurants are shutdown completely is “just madness man. This is just lunatic. We’re all out here trying to make a living, and we got all these guys just trying to come and stop us on everything.”

Kacha has no plans to stop allowing customers to eat their to-go meals on his outdoor patio, and plans the see who shows up next.

The person who delivered the cease-and-desist order wasn’t even a County Health Official, rather just a county employee.

Rubbing salt in the wound, Kacha said the last paragraph of the cease-and-desist order was “just laughable” and “insane.”

The last paragraph reads, “I appreciate the impact these restrictions have on your business.”

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