San Diego County officials dodge question about businesses following casinos strict protocols to open

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego County casinos have been open for weeks, and no outbreaks have been reported by our health officials.

The casinos have all put strict protocols in place in order to ensure people they can safely visit amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The casinos or on sovereign land, so they don’t have to follow state or county public health orders, but it seems they have successfully figured out a way to reopen while keeping their visitors safe.

Since Governor Newsom has ordered thousands of businesses here in San Diego and across the state to close or move operations outdoors, KUSI wanted to know if the closed down businesses can implement the same protocols as the casinos that are working to perfection.

At Wednesday’s County Health briefing, KUSI asked, “casinos have been open for weeks with no reported outbreaks, would you suggest Gavin Newsom allow other businesses to reopen if they put the same safety protocols in place?”

The County Health Officials don’t have power to overrule Governor Newsom’s shutdown orders, but with the success in our local community, we asked if they would suggest to Newsom that the protocols be replicated for other business.

Dr. McDonald answered our question without answering whether or not he would suggest allowing businesses to reopen if they follow casinos strict protocols.

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