Community advocates help San Diegans get COVID-19 vaccine ahead of eligibility expansion

KEARNY MESA (KUSI) – On thursday 2.5 million San Diegans will be able to sign up for covid-19 vaccine appointment.

However, doctors say this dramatic expansion is coming at a challenging time because of manufacturing mishaps.

“We do know the state has gotten less doses, it was down 15% I believe this week and 5 percent last week and a lot of that has to do with Janssen manufacturing challenges,” said UC San Diego’s Dr. Christoper Longhurst. “Obviously the timing is super unfortunate that our vaccine allocation is decreasing at the same time that we’re expanding eligibility.”

There’s been a number of community advocates stepping up to help fill the void and link people to appointments. 

“We’ve been 100% successful in helping anybody who wants the vaccine to get it,” said Lena Evans, the creator of the Facebook group San Diego Vaccine Hunters. “The supply is certainly an issue because we have a greater demand and on April 15 we have 2.5 million San Diegans who will be eligible.” 

The Facebook page is a catch-all for resources and information on COVID-19 vaccines. It gives neighbors the chance to help their fellow neighbor. 

“We have people volunteering who say, ‘ok I don’t know you but I’m going to private message you and help you,’ that happens all the time in our group,” Evans said. “We’re on the ground with immediate information, immediate help it’s just more personal.”

Anyone who wants to join is welcome to. Just search ‘San Diego Facebook Hunters’ in Facebook groups. 

Eligibility expands to all Californians 16+ on April 15, 2021. 

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