San Diego County Sheriff’s forcibly remove woman from Board of Supervisors public hearing

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – At Tuesday’s San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting, the San Diego County Sheriff’s forcibly removed a woman who was wanting to speak.

The video shows the Sheriff dragging the woman on the ground with her arm, before aggressively putting her in handcuffs.

The incident occurred during the evening meeting on Tuesday, November 15th.

But those involved also spoke during the morning portion. When it was San Diegan Vita Brooks’ turn to speak to the Board of Supervisors during public hearing on Item 29, which was “receive updates and take necessary actions regarding the COVID-19 emergency response and the Monkeypox outbreak response.”

Brooks began by showing a photo of her late husband, Rodney Glen Brooks, emotionally saying, “he’s no longer here. He was delivered to me in a box… UPS, in a box in ashes because of the protocols you are saying are helping people. How is that helping people?”

She continued to say her husband was set to come home, when he agreed to be observed. That’s when the hospital “force ventilated him.” She then told the Supervisors they are “murdering for money,” asking them when they got the same treatment her husband received. Her complete two-minute speech can be seen in this video.

Her two-minutes ended, and the only Supervisor to speak was Nathan Fletcher, who simply said, “next speaker please.”

Brooks then yelled back at the Board of Supervisors as she was returning to her seat, and Fletcher told her, “you’re outbursts are disrupting the conduct of the meeting, please stop. Next speaker please.”

The next speaker up was Audra Morgan. Morgan is a familiar face at the Board of Supervisors meetings, but has always been peaceful, and appears at the meetings just to use her First Amendment Right to Free Speech. She has never been disruptive or violent.

As Morgan stood at the podium, you can hear Brooks emotionally yelling, “you are murderers,” from the background. Fletcher again told her, “Ma’am, you’re outbursts are disrupting the conduct of the meeting, this is your second warning.”

That’s when Morgan said directly to Fletcher, “it’s valid. Her husband rotted from the inside out and you have such a careless demeanor about it. It’s so arrogant.” Morgan then looked at Dr. Wilma Wooten and said, “and Dr. Death, are you going to acknowledge that the protocols that you guys are giving are killing people and rotting them from the inside out?” Morgan concluded by accusing Fletcher and Wooten of treason, as they refuse to acknowledge any negative consequences or side effects of the vaccine, and just continue to push everyone into getting it, no matter what.

The morning portion of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting then ended.

During the evening portion, representatives of the San Diego International Rescue Committee were speaking about their belief that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is colluding with ICE, insisting they are “voluntarily handing our community members over to the crosshairs of ICE.”

Dulce Garcia Cardosa then shared an emotional story about her brother, Edgar Saul Garcia Cardoso, who was deported by ICE, and tortured Tijuana, before passing away in 2022.

While this story was being told, Fletcher interrupted, and said, “in the front row, your conduct is disrupting the conduct of the meeting. Please sit in your seat and listen to the speakers, or you can feel free to wait outside.” The woman Fletcher was speaking to was Audra Morgan, who you can hear yelling back, “I’m not doing anything.”

Fletcher then said, “one more and you’re gone. Stop disrupting the proceedings of the meeting.” Audra then stood up and said, “her husband was killed,” in reference to the morning speaker, Vita Brooks.

Fletcher then said, “Audra, your outbursts are disrupting the process of the meeting. First warning. Audra, your outbursts are disrupting the process of the meeting. Third warning. Audra, this is your third warning.” Then, speaking the Sheriffs, Fletcher says, “please escort Audra Morgan out of the chambers.”

The San Diego County Sherriff’s then approached Audra Morgan, and Fletcher said the “Board of Supervisors will take a brief recess while these individuals are removed from the chamber and then we will come back.”

That’s when Audra Morgan was dragged out of the Chamber by her arm. Audra Morgan went to the hospital Friday morning with bruising all over her body.

Morgan issued KUSI News the following statement:

“This is a sad state this county and nation is in, as you can see from what happened. I am in a lot of pain, have bruising all over my body, a dislocated rib, a black eye, head trauma and more. If we continue to go down this road without doing something to change it, it won’t be just me that has to endure this kind of abuse from not only our officials but the very officers who are supposed to protect us- not abuse us. Stay strong and so much love San Diego we must stand together now more than ever!”

KUSI News reached out to San Diego County Interim Sheriff Anthony Ray for comment, and received the following statement:

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department supports the public’s right to free speech; however, there are rules that must be followed during public forums to ensure each person who wishes to speak can be heard and is not silenced by verbal outbursts or other loud noises.

During the Truth Act Forum, Audra Morgan was told numerous times that her conduct was disrupting the meeting. After several formal warnings Audra was ordered to leave the chambers and refused to follow directions. Audra was arrested for resisting and obstructing a peace officer and released with a citation.

The Sheriff’s Department thanks the public for their willingness to respect everyone’s right to free speech at public forums by following the rules. We also thank our deputies and county partners for providing a nurturing and safe environment for public discourse

KUSI News also reached out to newly-elected and acting San Diego County Sheriff-elect Kelly Martinez for comment on the arrest. Sheriff-elect Martinez replied, “no comment.”

Sheriff-elect Martinez was endorsed by Supervisor Nathan Fletcher.

Sup. Nathan Fletcher did not reply to KUSI’s request for comment.

KUSI News will cover this story more in-depth on Monday, November 21st.

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