San Diego County Supervisors issue statements on Nathan Fletcher’s resignation

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – As of April 5th, 2023, all the current San Diego County Supervisors have at least issued public statements on the allegations made against disgraced Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who has announced his resignation to be effective May 15, 2023.

Chair Nora Vargas:

“As Chairwoman of the Board, I am committed to ensuring the everyday work of the people of San Diego County moves forward. I will follow the facts of the legal process as it unfolds.”

Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer:

“I am incredibly sad, frustrated and disappointed with Supervisor Fletcher’s alleged actions, and I support a full and transparent independent investigation at the Metropolitan Transit System in addition to MTS’s legal review currently underway. Supervisor Fletcher’s resignation from the County allows us to move forward focused on serving the families and communities who depend on us. I look forward to filling the District 4 seat through a participatory and deliberative process to ensure continued democratic representation and good governance for the people of San Diego County.”

Supervisor Jim Desmond:

“I am concerned and disappointed by the disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct against Mr. Fletcher. It takes immense courage for individuals to come forward with such allegations, and we must create a safe and supportive environment for victims to share their stories. While it is crucial to allow the legal process to take its course, and for all parties to be heard, Mr. Fletcher’s decision to resign from the Board of Supervisors was the right one. As elected officials, we hold a position of great responsibility and trust and must be held to a higher standard of conduct. The resignation of Mr. Fletcher is a necessary step for the future of San Diego County. The focus should be on the people we serve in this region and abuses of power cannot be tolerated. As elected officials, we must remain vigilant in our commitment to serving the public good and always act with integrity and honor.”

Supervisor Jim Desmond later called on Fletcher to make his resignation immediate.

Supervisor Joel Anderson:

“I don’t condone any of Supervisor Fletcher’s actions, but at the end of the day my concern is not about getting even with him— it’s about doing right by his constituents. My constituents do not like when politicians from outside our community tell them what its best for them, I would not presume to do that to District 4 residents. But it is important that we all know what the options are, which is why I have reached out to County Counsel to provide concrete answers, so we are not making decisions based on pure speculation.”

Anderson’s office did not publicly release this statement, but told KUSI they supplied it to outlets who asked. They supplied it to KUSI after our tweet saying Anderson has “remained silent.”

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