San Diego County won’t make it to ‘Yellow Tier’ until after June 15

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – California plans to lift most coronavirus restrictions on businesses and workplaces June 15. State officials said that allows for life to almost get back to a pre-pandemic normal.

Governor Gavin Newsom announced California will also be getting rid of the color-coded tier system on that day.

But, many critics say Newsom’s “arbitrary” color-coded reopening guidelines are the problem in the first place.

California conducted the slowest reopening process in the nation, and may also be the reason that over 2 million Californians signed the petition to Recall Gavin Newsom. Newsom implemented strict guidelines that caused thousands of businesses to permanently close. The state’s Health and Human Services secretary says California’s mask mandate will remain in effect.

Now, states like New York and New Jersey announced they will be reopening on May 19, but Californians are being forced to wait an extra month. Legislators like State Senator Melissa Melendez say we have to wait because the teachers union is influencing Governor Newsom’s policies.

But before the full reopening, San Diegans are anxiously waiting for the move into the ‘Yellow Tier’ of Gavin Newsom’s reopening process.

San Francisco and Los Angeles both are in the Yellow Tier, but San Diego lags behind.

KUSI’s Maddie Sinclair asked Supervisor Nathan Fletcher when we will move to the Yellow Tier, and he explained that probably won’t happen before June 15.

Furthermore, Dr. Wilma Wooten pointed out that San Francisco and Los Angeles, “have a higher testing percentage,” which “helps decrease the case rate to a lower level. So that is one reason why San Diego has a lower case rate.”

Despite our low case rate, neither Wooten nor Fletcher have criticized any of Gavin Newsom’s reopening guidelines at any time amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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