San Diego County’s Latino community has highest rate of COVID-19 infections

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – One community more than any other in San Diego County is suffering from the devastating effects of COVID-19.

Latinos in the region are showing the highest rates of infection. At La Maestra, a community health center in City Heights, there’s been an increased demand for COVID-19 testing.

Sonia Tucker, the Chief Quality Officer for the center said it’s because of the surge in infections. Countywide, Latinos make up 35 percent of the population, but their infection rate, at 65 percent, is higher than any other ethnic or racial group.

Roberto Alcantar is with the Chicano Federation, an advocacy group that’s helping families who are also suffering from the pandemic’s economic toll.

About 120 families picked up diapers and baby wipes Thursday at this distribution event in Barrio Logan, which was organized by the Chicano Federation.

The group is also giving out food and other supplies at a time when families must decide between going to work or trying to limit their exposure to the virus.

For people in essential jobs, such as grocery stores and health care, there is no option to work at home. Compounding the risks, multiple families often share the same apartment or home because of the region’s high housing costs, which makes it difficult to maintain safe distancing.

Other factors may also be driving up infection rates, such as living in neighborhoods with poor air quality, chronic health conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and a lack of access to affordable health care.

For those who may need some kind of government assistance, the Chicano Federation is offering help. The Federation recently hired a staff person to help people access benefits or food assistance through government programs.

The Federation said it hopes it can act as a go-between or messenger to help the Latino community to understand the dangers of the pandemic and where to find help.

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