San Diego Democrat Party calls on City and County to end SeaWorld Fireworks

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Tuesday, the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee unanimously passed two resolutions they say go against animal cruelty for human entertainment.

According to Democratic Central Committee member Bryan Pease, one of the resolutions aims to ban “the use of torture devices at rodeos, including electric prods, shocking devices, flank or bucking straps, wire tiedowns, sharpened or fixed spurs, and rowels.” Pease says the Los Angeles City Council recently voted to ban these devices.

The second resolution passed by the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee Tuesday, calls on the San Diego City Council to end the SeaWorld fireworks.

SeaWorld San Diego’s firework shows just recently resumed for Spring, and happen every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00PM, with some additional days thrown in.

The San Diego Democrats say the noise from SeaWorld’s fireworks, “frighten companion animals, terrifies lonely shelter dogs and cats, and wreaks havoc on wildlife, often causing dogs and cats to flee and become lost and injured, and the toxic chemicals released into the air and water poison the environment.”

Officially, the San Diego Democrat Party’s resolution, “calls on the City of San Diego to end this public nuisance occurring at a public park by a private for-profit corporation.”

Democrats have a 8-1 supermajority on the San Diego City Council.

KUSI News reached out to San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria for comment, but he refuses to respond to KUSI.

KUSI News will update this story if any more action is take on the resolutions from the San Diego County Democratic Central Committee.

The resolutions were drafted by public interest attorneys, Ocean Beach residents, and Democratic Central Committee members Bryan Pease and Parisa Ijadi-Maghsoodi. The SeaWorld fireworks resolution was also co-sponsored by County Democratic Party Vice Chair Becca Taylor and lifetime member Kathleen Harmon.

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