San Diego Derby United is unifying local roller derby skaters with a new focus


San Diego Derby United opened a new facility in 2020. Derby United is committed to the creation of an empowering, athletic, environment while enriching the lives of our members and community through the sport of roller derby and skate sessions.

Owner, Isabelle Ringer says, “Our main focus is to bring the community together through skating during these tough times for all.”

They offer skate sessions for beginners and advanced skaters daily. Even KUSI’s Kacey McKinnon laced up in some skates and tried roller skating for her very first time.

At SD Derby United, you will find new skaters, OG’s, and everyone in between. Every age, every ethnicity and every background.

Derby United has implemented all COVID-19 safety guidelines and has a limited capacity at the facility to ensure everyone stays safe while skating. Therefor, you must make a reservation online at

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