San Diego drowning victims down in 2019

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – May is Drowning Prevention Month. Every year and Rady Children’s Hospital doctors in the emergency room see drowning cases in San Diego and southern Riverside counties.

In 2019, Rady Children’s saw 95 total drowning victims. This was a 24% decrease in the number of drowning events from 2018.  

The hospital categorize drowning events as fatal and non-fatal. Of the 95 drowning victims in 2019, 89 were non-fatal (survived) and 6 were fatal. Non-fatal drownings have the potential for serious and long-term health effects, according to Lorrie Lynn, Injury Prevention Manager, Rady Children’s Hospital.

As we go into the summer months, where we see an increase in water activities it is important to take actions that will prevent drownings:
• Teaching kids to swim at a young age goes a long way for drowning prevention
• Water safety for children relies on adults being informed and vigilant
• When in the water, be sure your child has access to a Coast Guard approved life jacket

Be a Water Watcher by designating an adult to watch on swimming kids at all times. A Water Watcher tags remind adults to do the following:
• Maintain constant eye contact and arm’s reach of children
• Hand water watcher tag to another adult who agrees to be present
• Keep cell phone nearby in case of emergency    

Water Watcher tags a free and available at many fire stations in San Diego County or you can get them at Rady Children’s Hospital Safety Store.

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