San Diego elected officials working together to combat “Package Theft”

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Senator Brian Jones stopped by Good Morning San Diego to discuss how he is looking into writing legislation at the state level that will increase the penalties for package theft, an ongoing concern as more consumers purchase online for home delivery.

San Diego County Board of Education Vice President Mark Powell joined Jones to highlight how social media platforms such as Nextdoor Neighbor and technology such as Ring Video Doorbell can be used to assist law enforcement in apprehending package thieves and other crimes.

Jones wants to restructure the laws the punish “porch pirates” in order to dissuade the thieves from continuing to commit these crimes. He says the bill will lower the dollar amount from $950, allowing police to charge more ‘porch pirates’ with felonies, Plus, if you enter someones property with the intent to steal, it should automatically qualify you to be charged with a felony.

Below is a video montage of some of the package theft crimes that Senator Jones and Mark Powell are trying to prevent.

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New bill would make it easier to charge 'Porch Pirates' with a felony

#YourVoice San Diego elected officials are working on legislation at the state level to make it easier to charge "porch pirates" with felonies.Senator Brian Jones wants to lower the dollar amount of stolen goods from $950 and make it an automatic felony for anyone who enters someone'e property with the intent to steal.Do you think 'Porch Pirates' should be charged with felonies?Full Story:

Posted by KUSI News on Friday, November 1, 2019

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