San Diego Food Bank awarded $375,000 grant from United Healthcare to address food insecurity

NATIONAL CITY (KUSI) – First, we note the site for the announcement:  Friendships for Hope, a non-profit in National City that primarily assists immigrants and refugees.  And included in the assistance, every Tuesday, food, courtesy of the Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank.

We also note UNITEDHEALTHcare’s grant of three-quarters of a million dollars is not just about the basics— during our coverage, there were  clients sitting down for Food Bank ID cards, which will drastically cut wait times and something else– provide each low-income individual with the dignity of not having to queue up in a line.

There’s another element to the grant: The Food Bank’s expanded database.  It will be shared with the 2-1-1 Community Information Exchange– meaning clients will have greater access to services such as housing, legal assistance and employment.  And include the Food Bank and it’s partners as benefiting as well.

Food Bank CEO Jim Floros telling KUSI, “You can’t create regional strategies with all of our partners without identifying social determinants, you have to know who your service population is before creating strategies, so we gather data and share it to create revolutionary programs.”

Some 100 sites will have the ID cards this year, a total of 200 sites over three years.

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