San Diego Foundation provides relief for those struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) -Like every other community in America, San Diego County has been badly bruised by the impacts of the coronavirus.
That’s where the San Diego Foundation has stepped in, providing relief to those who are suffering the most.

To date, the Foundation has donated close to $53 million to its non-profit partners around the region.

Much of the money has gone to provide hunger relief in support of food pantries and other organizations.

The Foundation is also joining with the county to administer $25 million in grants to help child care providers who are caring for the children of low wage, essential workers.

The Foundation is emphasizing ways to narrow the digital divide, that separates families with access to the Internet and computers and those who lack those resources.

In the first phase, the Foundation gave a $175,000 dollar grant to a program called Computers 2 Kids. With the purchase of new parts, donated computers are refurbished and then distributed to families in need.

Now in a second phase, the Foundation is pushing another initiative that would seek out proposals to take a more innovative approach to learning.  As one example, Foundation Vice President Pamela Gray Payton said some programs may help to meet the challenges of children who are distance learning while also learning English as a second language.

The Foundation’s aim is to raise $6 million for this latest educational campaign.

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