San Diego GOP says the City’s New Rental Payment Program is a Joke

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A newly proposed rental assistance program by the City of San Diego could offer more protections for certain renters, but could be very costly to landlords and other tenants.

Opponents like San Diego GOP Spokesperson Scott Sherman point out that the proposed plan will just increase rents in the long run. Sherman says landlords will simply pass on their increased costs to their tenants with increased rents, which is true.

Sherman tells KUSI that the city has told property owners for quite a while that they need to invest in their properties and provide nice places for people to live. But now, when a property owner does what the government tells them to do, Democrat politicians will make them pay even more to comply with the government directive.

Sherman says the plan is a joke, and explained why on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego.

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