San Diego Gun Violence Restraining Orders

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – A year after launching San Diego’s  Gun Violence Restraining Order program, City Attorney Mara W. Elliott  announced that her office had obtained its 100th Gun Violence Restraining Order.

The City Attorney’s office said within the last month, the City Attorney has obtained 20 new GVROs, a number of them involving domestic violence and stalking.

“It’s hard to know how many lives we’ve saved by removing firearms from unstable, irresponsible, and dangerous gun owners,” City Attorney Mara W. Elliott said. “But San Diego continues to rank among America’s safest big cities, in part, because its leaders take seriously our responsibility to recognize red flags and prevent predictable gun violence.”

Here is a breakdown by the City Attorney of the first 100 GVROs:
• More than one-third of the cases related to domestic violence or stalking.
• About one-fourth of the cases involved some form of substance abuse.
• About one-fourth of the GVROs resulted in the removal of guns from individuals threatening suicide.
• Eighteen GVROs were obtained against individuals struggling with mental health issues, including dementia and PTSD.
• Fourteen GVROs were obtained against individuals who threatened violence in the workplace or at a school.
• Ten GVROs were obtained against juveniles or individuals who used social media to make threats.

GVROs are granted in open court hearings at which respondents can be represented by counsel. They are in effect for one year, during which time the gun owner has an opportunity to remedy the circumstances that posed a danger to self or others. GVROs often stem from several overlapping issues such as substance abuse, suicide threats, and domestic violence. Others involve elder abuse, child abuse, gang activity, and unsafe storage practices, according to the City Attorney.

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