San Diego hotels are eager to resume hosting meetings and get staff back to work

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego-area hotels are eager and prepared to resume individual meetings that will return thousands of employees to work, boost the economic recovery for our region’s hospitality industry and replenish city hall coffers with tax revenues.

The hotel industry is anxiously awaiting approval from the State of California to re-open their hotels for individual meetings four months after tourists were allowed to return without incident.

The Grand Hyatt San Diego has partnered with the San Diego Tourism Authority and the California Hotel & Lodging Association to show how prepared San Diego hotels are to host individual meetings safely and effectively.

The San Diego tourism industry has lost 77,700 jobs (37%) in the last year, an amount that is significantly more than any other employment sector in San Diego.

San Diego Tourism Authority CEO, Julie Coker, is urging Gov. Newsom and state health officials to allow hotels to reopen for individual meetings.

Since San Diego-area hotels have been safely hosting leisure travelers without restrictions on occupancy and without major incident since the state allowed tourism to resume in June, the tourism authority believes they can resume hosting meeting of up to 1,000 people like other states have done safely.

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