San Diego International Airport ranked best in U.S. among busiest airports

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego International Airport is the best airport in the United States, according to rankings of the 50 busiest airports released Wednesday by the travel website and blog The Points Guy.

The Points Guy ranked San Diego International first due to its myriad amenities and restaurants in Terminal 2, relaxed vibe, abundant natural lighting and record of on-time flights. The website also praised San Diego International for its proximity to downtown and did not disparage the airport for its lack of light-rail service.

“San Diego’s airport is one of the most pleasant I’ve had the opportunity to experience, far from the angry hordes of LAX and its nightmarish construction,” The Points Guy reporter Carissa Rawson wrote in a review published Wednesday. “Though the airport itself is gorgeous, where it really stands out is its unparalleled location, friendly staff and top-notch lounge.”

San Diego International took over the top spot from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, which was hurt by a runway closure in January and February 2018. Sky Harbor ranked second on the list, followed by Portland International Airport, Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Sacramento International Airport.

Chicago Midway International Airport ranked as the worst airport sampled for The Points Guy’s list. A review referred to Midway as “the bus depot of American airports” due to its barebones restaurant and amenity offerings, slow service and impractical location. Midway unseated John F. Kennedy International Airport as the worst major airport in the United States.

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