San Diego law enforcement prepares for All-Star weekend

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Starting Thursday, Downtown San Diego will transform as it welcomes thousands of visitors for MLB’s All-Star week. 

Part of the transformation includes a heavy law enforcement presence to keep everyone safe.

It is a celebration of baseball and San Diego.

"I think it’s exciting for all of us who live downtown. I think it’s important to have events," said Liane Bryson, who lives downtown.

Bryson describes what downtown will look like perfectly, as tens of thousands of people flood the area for the return of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.

There will be several events in the days leading up to Tuesday’s game. 

Security will be ramped, not only at Petco Park, but also at the Convention Center for FanFest, Waterfront Park for Saturday events, as well as in some of the other sites around the ballpark.

There will be a heavy presence of officers both in uniform and undercover.

The police department is working closely with the FBI and the police. 

Safety also includes you taking the proper precautions as it relates to the weather.

Buy Bryson and others needs to be careful. Safety also means watching out for people who are selling fake tickets.

"Buyer beware. Because if you purchase a ticket from somebody you’ve never purchased a ticket before, they are not going to guarantee the authenticity of the ticket," said Ethan Orlinsky from MLB Legal Business and Club Affairs.

In the end, law enforcement is hoping to hit it out of the park with the helps of fans, keeping things in order to ensure everyone has a fun time.

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