San Diego looks at the possibility of tent housing for homeless

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — In light of the recent homeless crisis taking place in Downtown San Diego, a new plan of housing the homeless was placed on the table Wednesday. 

The city of San Diego has made national news due to it’s homeless crisis with around 1,276 people living on the street. This number has increased 27% in the last year. 

On Wednesday, the city made moves to provide a roof over these peoples heads. A special city committee on homelessness will look at the possibility of using tents to help those in need.

These large industrial tents can house up to 250 homeless people, included with restrooms, showers, and hand-washing stations. 

The importance of proper hygene is even more crucial now due to an outbreak of Hepatitis A that has already taken the lives of 15 people and sickened almost 400. The spread of this disease is largely due to people going to the bathroom and not washing their hands. 

There is reportedly enough funding from the private sector to put up two of these industrial housing tents.

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