San Diego Mayor endorses Chris Cate

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the three Republicans on the City Council, on Thursday, endorsed Chris Cate for City Council.

Republicans are worried about next Tuesday’s election because if they lose the seat in District 6, they would lose voting power on the City Council.

About Chris Cate, Mayor Faulconer said, “He’ll work with me to make sure that San Diego’s, the reforms that San Diegan’s voted for, and San Diegans support, like pension reform, remain strong, in effect, and do not get overturned.”

Chris Cate is in a tight race with Democrat Carol Kim, and a Kim victory would deal a huge setback for Republicans.

With a Democrat super majority, the City Council would have the ability to override a mayoral veto.

Even with a Cate victory, Democrats will still be in control, but they will be unable to override a mayoral veto, and keep the city from government by one party rule.

For Republicans, it’s critical for the voters to elect Chris Cate. He says he offers voters a choice from two very different campaigns.

“It’s quite an honor to know that so many people are backing me and my campaign,” said Cate.

Further he added, “District 6 voters have a choice, and they should choose experience. They should choose a leader who has fought, and will continue to fight for government reforms.”

The focus of the election season has been on the 52nd Congressional District, and that race has implications for District 6.

If the 52nd increases turnout, that Congressional race could determine the balance of power at City Hall.

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