San Diego Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry criticizes Todd Gloria for lack of business experience

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The controversy continues surrounding the city-owned building, formerly occupied by Sempra Energy, located at 101 Ash Street in Downtown San Diego.

The building was acquired by the city in 2016, as a lease to own agreement, valued at $72 million. The City of San Diego took possession of the building as is, but it was riddled with asbestos, which was clearly stated in the lease agreement.

About 4 years after the purchase, the City of San Diego has stopped the $535,000 monthly payments, due to its problems and vacancy.

Mayor Faulconer has ordered an investigation into the building, but he supported the purchase in 2016.

Mayoral candidate Todd Gloria, who was a San Diego City Councilmember at the time, was also in favor of the purchase in 2016.

San Diego Mayoral candidate Barbara Bry, has been an outspoken critic of the purchase and is highlighting Todd Gloria’s support for the purchase as she campaign against him to become the next Mayor of San Diego. The decision to purchases 101 Ash St. was made before Bry joined the Council.

Bry said she was the first councilmember to demand transparency on the deal once she found out the building was vacant. The deal forgave the seller of all liabilities, something that Bry described as unusual for a deal of this kind.

Criticizing Gloria’s support for the deal, Bry explained, “my opponent clearly heard in public hearings that we were paying a premium, that the taxpayers were paying a premium.”

“I think there is simply a level of competence that my opponent doesn’t have because he has spent his whole career in government. If he would have just read page 1 of the contract, then he would have seen the extraordinary liability language that the city was taking on,” she continued.

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