San Diego Museum of Man changes its Name to Museum of Us

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Credit: Balboa Park

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The San Diego Museum of Man publicly announced its new name: Museum of Us, formally adopted by the Board of Trustees on June 24, 2020.

A change to a more inclusive name was first considered in 1991, according to museum officials. In 2017, the Board of Trustees felt a change in name should be considered again; especially as the Museum’s mission and program strategy had significantly shifted. Once known for its academic exhibits focusing on ancient civilizations and human evolution, the Museum’s offerings now delve into universal themes that cut across time and cultures.

“We are extremely excited to have a name that reflects our commitment to being a place that truth-tells and challenges, but does so from a place of love,” says CEO, Micah Parzen.

The name change process took place over two-plus years, and was marked by extensive community involvement − including stakeholder meetings, surveys, and an interactive name change exhibit temporarily installed in the Museum’s rotunda. The final selection was driven from a gender based equity perspective.

Museum of Us Trustee, Nora Taylor Jaffe, said Changing our name corrects the exclusion of all who do not identify with the word Man, and welcomes folks to a place that’s about “All of Us” – which also happens to be our new tagline.

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