San Diego Museum of Man opening new interactive exhibit

The San Diego Museum of Man’s newest exhibit, PostSecret, opening to the public on April 14, explores the power secrets have to connect us and allow us to feel alone, together.

Secrets are currency of intimacy and they allow us empathize with complete strangers over shared emotions, from our brightest hopes and darkest thoughts, to everything between.

The new exhibit weaves in original postcard secrets from the community art project, PostSecret, with local secrets from San Diegans in an immersive, intimate space.

“This exhibit explores the idea that everyone has a secret – whether it’s funny or dark or awful or romantic. PostSecret explores not only the secrets themselves, but why we keep them, why we never tell them, and why we harbor them for years or sometimes even a lifetime,” said the Director of Exhibits Erika Katayama.

For over a decade, people from all across the world have been creating and sending postcards with their untold secrets to Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret. Frank has received over a million postcards and each postcard submission is a unique, handmade piece of art made by a person who needed to share and release their secret into the world.

“Working with the Museum of Man is a natural fit and I’m excited for the San Diego community to explore PostSecret and the transformative power of secrets in a new and exciting way,” said PostSecret founder Frank Warren.

The postcard secrets come from across the globe and unique to this exhibit will be a section dedicated to San Diego’s secrets, which features postcard secrets collected by the PostSecret Street Team in the months leading up to the exhibit opening. Plus, the postcards in this section of the exhibit will be rotated to feature postcards guests create in the exhibit and secrets the Street Team collects.

“We wanted it to feel like it was very much an exhibit that’s alive and ever evolving–not something static or having occurred once at some point. Secret keeping and secret sharing is something that will be on going and we wanted to make sure the exhibit mirrored that,” said Exhibit Designer David Reynoso.

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