Parking lot 2 at San Diego International Airport undergoing massive overhaul

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — Travelers going through San Diego International Airport may be in for a shocking adjustment when parking at terminal 2 closes on Aug. 6, but airport officials are focused on improving the close-in parking situation with a state-of-the-art parking plaza. The plaza will be erected in terminal 2’s current location and is estimated to be a 20-month-long project. 

Losing 1244 parking spaces in a relatively-small airport is no small adjustment, but officials are confident the alternatives available in the present will help smooth over their path to the future. San Diego International Airport released a new website — — to inform travelers about the other lots during construction. The website will also be a portal to reserve parking spaces in the future, while also offering discounts to things like valet parking. 

The new structure will be a three-story plaza that goes up, not out, and will house 2091 parking spaces. State of the art sensors will help facilitate the organized fashion in which the spaces can be managed. 

For now, travelers should plan ahead for the looming closure and look to the new website for information regarding the current parking situation, as well as progress on the project. 

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