Carlsbad police capture Boxer who bit bicyclist

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A Boxer was captured Sunday morning in Carlsbad after biting a bicyclist and charging at police officers who were dispatched to the
area, according to Carlsbad police. The dog chased and bit the bicyclist on the foot in the 3500 block of Roosevelt Street at about 7:30 a.m., according to Sgt. Mike Larson.

When officers arrived about eight minutes later, they found the victim bleeding from a wound to his foot. The injury did not require medical attention, Larson said. Officers located and cornered the dog in the driveway of a home, used pepper spray to keep the dog cornered, then shot the dog with a bean-bag gun when he repeatedly attempted to attack them, Larson said.

The dog, who received minor injuries from the bean-bag shot, was eventually taken into custody by a San Diego County Department of Animal Services officer who used a capture pole. The dog, named Leo, escaped from his home by breaking through a screen and was being held for observation at the North County Animal Shelter, according to Lt. Dan DeSousa, assistant director of animal services.

Leo’s owners were expected home tonight from an out-of-town trip. He was being watched by a caretaker in their absence, DeSousa said.

"The owners will be interviewed probably tomorrow and we will investigate to see if Leo has any prior incidents of aggression," DeSousa said.

Then animal control officials will determine whether or not to pursue a dangerous dog declaration.

"Officers used an abundance of restraint when the dog charged at them, then called for animal control officers," Larson said. "The Carlsbad Police Department would like to thank the San Diego County Department of Animal Services for their assistance."

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