San Diego District Attorney creates unprecedented transparency with officer-involved shooting report

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis reviewed three officer-involved shootings during a press conference and confirmed that all three were justified. The officers involved will not face criminal charges. 

Dumanis said her office is working with authorities to develop a process to consistently release reviews and videos associated with officer-involved shootings more quickly. The level of transparency Dumanis and the District Attorney’s Office are striving to bring to the table is unprecedented, bringing San Diego into uncharted waters. 

"This is really new territory," Dumanis told reporters gathered. 

Dumanis said the District Attorney’s Office will release reviews of shootings that involve officers firing at suspects, using witness video and officers’ body camera footage to create transparency on these incidents with the public. This allows the public full disclosure of the incident, creating a clear window to examine the circumstances officers are in when they must resort to using their firearms. Dumanis hopes this level of transparency builds public confidence in the police force. 

Three cases were reviewed and released Friday, two of which were fatal. The shooting of Lamontez Jones of Dennis Fiel were both labeled as justified. Both men were killed by police. The non-fatal shooting of Michael John Taylor was also ruled justifiable by Dumanis’ office. 

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