Encinitas Union School District passes budget to include yoga instruction

ENCINITAS (KUSI) — The Encinitas Union School District passed a nearly half-million dollar budget on Wednesday that will fund their health and wellness program. The board held a meeting to discuss the program, which met opposition, but voted in favor of the proposal 4-1. The school district had to adjust its budget after a $4 million grant with the Sonima Foundation that initially set up the program was discontinued.

Early proposals for the program portioned $800,000 for yoga instruction alone, which was meant to be the foundation of their new direction for health and wellness. Parents and students who opposed this argued that the budget should go toward music, science and additional physical education teachers.The new budget will put aside close to $400,000 to pay for enrichment teachers. 

A group of students and parents demonstrated outside of the meeting, holding signs and making their case that funding should be allocated to other areas and not a yoga program. They argued that the money needs to be responsibly budgeted, and that other educational areas receiving funding would be more beneficial to students. 

The new health and wellness program will require one day of yoga instruction per week for students.

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